Doggy Daycare
Our daycare centre is different from others; each dog(s) have their own area for much needed undisturbed meal times and naps, not to mention we have enclosed fields and woodlands for natural off lead play and walks throughout the day, indoor training and play rooms, pool cool off areas and more check out our facilities page! Further, with our experience we are able to accommodate dogs that others cant, with the option for one to one care of your dog(s).  There can be many reasons a dog does not suit large group play, this does not mean your dog is 'bad' each dog is an individual with varying preferences. Sadly with COVID many dogs have not been able to socialise and would not be ready for 'group play' without learning some social skills.

Dogs can stay with us for half or full days and the timings are flexible there is no fixed time you have to arrive by to drop them off. Their stay will include indoor and outdoor enrichment, training games and socialisation.  All dogs must be approved prior to making a booking. Please complete the application form in order for us to approve your dog for the services and create a profile for them (you are under no obligation or commitment to use the services by completing the application). Please see our daycare options:


Stay and play

This is standard daycare option for well socialised dogs that thrive in group settings or when working with other dogs, that do not have behavioural issues (such as reactivity, unsocialised, anxieties, lead/collar issues with handlers, lack of social skills such as rough biting/playing not typically tolerated in groups etc.  Please feel free to contact us with any queries but we can discuss any behaviour concerns once a detailed application form is recieved)


Tailored Daycare

We can tailor the daycare for one to one care of the dog(s) to meet the individual needs; you may need a tailored day for a variety of reasons such as:

- Unsocialised 

- Reactive

- Nervous dogs

- Dogs that have collar or lead issues preventing handlers from being able to clip them on and off during group sessions

- Not yet developed social skills 'manners' such as rough biting, dominating, over arousal etc

- Simply a dog that prefers one to one 

Whilst we work closely with the dog(s) this is not an alternative to training, it is more hands on or tailored care, if you wish for your dog to be trained take a look at our training options.


Intensive training daycare

Do you have behaviours you would like to modify? Or maybe you want a well trained dog but dont have consistent time spare between work and family life? Maybe you have a pet working breed that needs that extra stimulation and want to utilise their instincts to build a strong bond and keep them focused in a pet/home environment? Then this could help you out!

Our intensive training days do all the tedious foundation setting and coaching of the dog for you. During their day they will have regular training sessions which can be tailored to your desired outcomes, they will also have regular play, meal, or nap breaks in our various facilities so your dog comes home completely fulfilled!

See our training page for full information.






Here at Fleurs we know the importance of utilising our breed specific instincts. Many owners love the working breeds and rightly so! However, having a pet working dog can be a handful to say the least! By utilising their built in purposes not only do you develop an intense bond with your dog, you have a complete calm, focused and fulfilled dog.

We specialise in scent work - ranging from fun tracking and scent imprinting games through to professional scent discrimination training based on DSTL and CPNI government approved guidance



The key basic requirements are: That your dog is up to date with vaccinations or Titer test if the dog is unable to have vaccinations on medical grounds; That your dog is not 'human' aggressive or showing signs of aggression; That your dog is 12 weeks or over; That your dog is not in heat during any bookings and does not have or show signs of having contagious illness or disease. For full details please ensure you have read and understood the terms and conditions, they can be found HERE
Please do not worry we will not 'refuse your dog because he likes to chew or bark, being completely transparent will help us both know your dog and tailor the day to benefit him/her most. You can complete the application online or by downloading the form. You will need your dog(s) Microchip No., Vaccination and flea/worm details and dates to hand in order to complete it:
Handy owner checklist
Policies and procedures