Terms and Conditions

By attending our facilities, making any booking or registering, you agree to have read and will abide by the our terms and conditions and following these additional training terms and conditions.

Please note the premises are shared with other farm activities (including tractors in motion) and under no circumstances can we accept walk-ins, the facilities are by pre-booked appointment only, anyone who has not booked and enters the business site will be in breach of both ours and the farms' health and safety policy and may be liable for trespass.

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Onsite Rules:

Please note for the safety of you and other road users our onsite parking and access roads have a strict 5mph rule

  • You and your dogs must remain in your vehicle until staff have invited you in as not to cross over with other dogs in training

  • Please let us know if you will be late so we can adjust sessions accordingly

  • Payment must be made prior to use.

  • Family members are always welcome but all children under 16 must be accompanied and supervised at all times by an adult and must at no time climb/use the obstacle equipment.

  • Please only use dog equipment you are familiar with to ensure the safety of your dog(s)

  • It is your responsibility to ensure your dog is fit and healthy and is not suffering from any infectious disease that could be transmitted to any other dogs prior to attending, any dogs showing signs of illness may be asked to vacate without a refund. If in doubt about your dog’s health please consult a veterinarian.

  • You are responsible for the behaviour and actions of your dog(s) while attending

  • Any cruelty such as being violent to your dog will not be tolerated; we reserve the right to request any persons to leave the premises if they are abusive to any other person or dog without a refund.

  • Any accidents or issues involving a person or a dog must be reported immediately to a staff member. 

  • Cars are parked at their owner’s risk. We do not accept any responsibility for theft or damage to cars or property

Terms And Conditions


This term applies to all types of use of our premises including but not limited to paddock hire, events, shows, training sessions or other facility uses. Please ensure that your dog is up to date with vaccinations. We want to ensure the paddocks remain a safe environment, therefore any dog in your care whether owned by you or not must be flead, wormed and up to date with vaccinations; if you do not own the dog but attend with it, it is your duty to check everything is up to date prior to attending, you may be held liable for any spread of disease or infection caused by the dog(s) you have attended if they were the cause and no reasonable steps were taken.

You agree that your dog(s) vaccination is up to date (or titer tests) and agree that we may request proof of this at any time. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience, but due to concerns of human and animal safety, we are not able to make exceptions to the above requirements.


Operating Hours

The standard hours are Mon- Friday 7am - 7pm any late collections are charged at a rate of £20 per hour


Parking and Driving

There is a strict 5mph driving rule onsite. For the safety of you, the dog(s) and other road users, our onsite parking and access roads have a strict 5mph rule and any dangerous driving will result in an instant ban from the site, which we have no control over, should you breach this rule and be asked to leave we cannot be held liable for any losses or damages incurred from being banned so please drive safely on site. 

Dogs are living creatures and their behaviours naturally change over time due to factors such as age and changes in their environment. Any guarantee in these Terms and Conditions cannot circumvent these future factors.

1.    Agreement means the quotation, acceptance and the following terms and conditions.
2.    Work or works means behaviour consultation, training, handouts, written report, behaviour program, training program created by Fleurs Friendly Fields. It may also describe other services such as administrative, training meetings and other tasks which are necessary in the creation of the program.
3.    Fleurs means Fleurs Friendly Fields
1.    The Client means the individual who requested the work i.e owner.
4.    Amendments means any alteration to the work.

Entire Agreement
1.    These terms and conditions apply to all sales and services by Fleurs Friendly Fields, to the exclusion of any other terms unless otherwise agreed in writing.
2.    They reserve the right to update these Terms and Conditions at any time by notice and with immediate effect. They are available online at any time.
3.    These terms and conditions shall prevail over all terms and conditions of your customary practice or any previous course of dealings the client has had with Fleurs Friendly Fields.
4.    These terms and conditions apply to all work created by Fleurs Friendly Fields. Work services or products are only supplied in strict accordance with these terms and conditions.
5.    These terms and conditions shall be subject to English Law.
6.    The contents contained in the quotation (verbal or written) and these Terms and Conditions form the agreement between Fleurs Friendly Fields and the Client relating to the work, no variation on them will be binding to Fleurs Friendly Fields unless it is agreed in writing and signed by Fleurs Friendly Fields
7.    Each clause of this Agreement is independent and operates separately in its own right.
8.    By agreeing to these terms and conditions your statutory rights are not affected.
9.    Should Fleurs Friendly Fields decide to waive any of these terms on an individual basis, this shall not affect the validity of remaining clauses or commit Fleurs Friendly Fields to waive the same clause on any other occasion.
10.    Ordering services or using work created by Fleurs Friendly Fields is automatically agreeing to these terms and conditions.

1.    Fleurs Friendly Fields shall create the agreed work for the use of the client. The client may use the work or works only in its original form and only for its original use for the animal named and described within the work.
2.    Behaviour work cannot be guaranteed with any animal.
3.    Fleurs Friendly Fields shall create behaviour and training programme to the specifications of the problems assessed at the first training session/owners description of behaviours and history and will make amendments to the training and behaviour programme accordingly.
4.    The training and behaviour programme is specific to the dog(s) that the programme has been designed for and should not be used in part or whole with any third party.
5.    The client shall agree not to share, sell, destroy, deface, alter or part with work created by Fleurs Friendly Fields or permit it to be given or done so by any third party.

1.    Work created by Fleurs Friendly Fields is charged to the client at the agreed amount.
2.    The full charge of the service is payable upon booking the training.
3.    If work is cancelled the client shall reimburse Fleurs Friendly Fields for any and all losses arising. In the event that work is cancelled, ownership of the work remains the property of Fleurs Friendly Fields and the Client is not authorised to use any part of the work already received.
4.    Ownership of the work shall not pass to the client until all charges have been paid in full.
5.    All work created by Fleurs Friendly Fields for the client is to be used for the sole purpose for which it was created. The client does not have the right to resell work created by Fleurs Friendly Fields or repurpose it without written consent from Fleurs Friendly Fields.
6.    Fleurs Friendly Fields is entitled to assign any or all of its rights and obligations included in this agreement to third parties.
7.    Fleurs Friendly Fields reserves the right to refuse to provide service or create work at its own discretion.
8.    Fleurs Friendly Fields will determine the date for training to begin with the client.
9.    If no timescale has been agreed for a service Fleurs Friendly Fields will not be responsible for any losses to the client if deadline is not met.
10.    Amendments or extensions to programmes and training may incur an additional charge beyond that of the original invoice.
11.    All amendments must be agreed by both Fleurs Friendly Fields and the client.
12.    Amendments may exceed original deadlines agreed by Fleurs Friendly Fields and the client.


1.    The client shall pay Fleurs Friendly Fields the full price of the service upon booking.
2.    All quotes and tenders are valid for a period of thirty days.
3.    A refund can only be issued if the programme is cancelled 2 weeks in advance due to the recourses and preparation put in place for intensive training, it may however be rescheduled up to 1 week in advance.


All material, both text and images included in documents are the property of Fleurs Friendly Fields.
Fleurs Friendly Fields holds copyright of all work created.

Cancellation And Termination
Fleurs Friendly Fields may, by written notice, terminate any agreement at its discretion:
•    If the client fails to pay which has become overdue.
•    If the client breaches any of the terms of the agreement.
•    If Fleurs Friendly Fields discovers that the client’s use of work produced is shared or resold the training and access to online recourses will be terminated.
•    If the client’s use is in anyway harmful to Fleurs Friendly Fields or its reputation.
•    The client may cancel the agreement at anytime but may be invoiced up to the full amount quoted based on the degree to which the work has been completed and on the extent to which time has been allocated to the project that cannot be effectively used to generate revenue that would be otherwise lost.
•    A service will be deemed as cancelled if there is more than 30 days from the first training or consultation and another consultation may need to be done incase any behaviours have changed/worsened.
•    No refunds will be issued if cancellation is not done within 2 weeks of training programme start date.


Fleurs Friendly Fields shall have no liability under any circumstance whatsoever to the client for financial loss or loss of profit.
Fleurs Friendly Fields will not be held responsible under any circumstances whatsoever to the Client for a lack of time, effort and circumstances from the work.
In no event will Fleurs Friendly Fields be liable to the client or any third party for damages or losses.
Fleurs Friendly Fields will not be liable for any loss, injury or liability to the client.
Handlers and/or owners remain responsible for their dogs at all times and are advised to ensure they have adequate pet or household insurance cover for liability in the unlikely event of damage or injury caused by their dog to property or to a third party.



Feurs Friendly Fields’s preferred method of communication is by email. However, documents can be sent by traditional post, if no email address is available, this will incur a postal fee to send through reports to the client at the current postal rate and packaging.
Fleurs Friendly Fields shall not be held responsible for spelling mistakes or typing errors to any documents. Signatures are not required to start a contract; verbal communication, email or other exchanges are legally binding.


The information and any treatment suggested consists of Fleurs Friendly Fields’s personal views and are based on the information given to Fleurs Friendly Fields by the client or person responsible for the animal(s) and or Fleurs Friendly Fields’s own conclusions resulting from personally gained evidence of the animal and the related behavioural problem.
Treatment plans, for the most part, will not be successful overnight. This requires a good deal of patience. Fleurs Friendly Fields cannot guarantee that this will work, as each animal is an individual case, nor is it possible to foresee if another problem may arise as a result of the treatment. All programs are specific to a certain animal and should not be tried on any other pet, only the animal whose name that appears on the information.
Fleurs Friendly Fields encourages clients to contact their veterinary surgeon prior to putting the actions into effect, if they are concerned. By booking one of Fleurs Friendly Fields’s services, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. 
Fleurs Friendly Fields reserves the right to cancel or change an appointment at any time by notice with immediate effect, without cause. By booking you will agree to keep the date and time of the consultations. If changes to the date and/or time need to be altered by you, then 48 hours notice will need to be given.


1.    Fleurs Friendly Fields will send you a confirmation email once booked
2.    If you need to cancel this training programme, then unless Fleurs Friendly Fields are notified within two weeks, a refund cannot given, however, you may reschedule with 1 weeks notice.
3.    I have read the above conditions relating to training with Fleurs Friendly Fields and agree to be bound by them.

CCTV Terms
Explanation of the purpose:

Fleurs operates CCTV at our facilities for the purposes of maintaining health and safety, the security of property and premises and for preventing and investigating crime. CCTV may also be used to monitor staff when carrying out work duties.

Legal basis

Processing of this data is necessary to monitor for health and safety concerns, protect the vital interests of the data subject or another person; for compliance with legal obligations; and for the performance of tasks carried out in the public interest or for our official functions.

Types of personal information

CCTV captures visual images and sounds of persons in or around our buildings and facilities.

Source of personal information

This personal data is collected through the CCTV cameras operated by fleurs and not from a publicly available source.

Recipients of the data

This data will only be processed by Fleurs Friendly Fields for this purpose.

In certain circumstances we may be required to disclose CCTV images to certain bodies of authority, such as the police and emergency services.

Retention period

We may process CCTV footage for 31 days after the date of capture, although we may process footage for a longer period, for example if the footage is relevant to an investigation.

Your rights in relation to this data

Your core rights as a data subject apply to this processing.

Will the data be transferred to third parties?

No, except to the extent that we are required to share this data with certain bodies of authority, such as the police and emergency services