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Daycare/Intensive Training Application Form

You will need your dog(s) Microchip No., Vaccination and flea/worm details and dates to hand in order to complete it.

You must read the full terms and conditions of dog day boarding prior to making your application, these are available 24/7 on the website. 


You will need to complete an application for each dog that will use daycare but only need to complete this information once to create their profile and then simply inform us of any changes prior to any future bookings i.e new behaviours, medication or diet requirements. Most information required below is part of the legal daycare licensing requirements so please be conscious that the more information we have the better we can accommodate your dog’s needs.


We will not refuse your dog just because it jumps or chews so please be honest. To help ensure the health and safety of your dog and those already in our care, please provide detailed information about your dog’s health, temperament, and behaviour. This allows us to notice any changes in behaviours or health that are not ordinary to your dog and to ensure both your dog and those in our care have a fun and enjoyable time at doggy daycare.


Please be aware that we require a pre-meeting after the application form (this is a free screening day at daycare). Dogs are individuals and each booking is treated individually at the discretion of Fleurs Friendly Fields to ensure your dog has a great time when in our care.

Dogs Details
Owners Details
Emergency Contact Details
Medical History
Behaviour History - please tick
Around Children
Around Men
Around Women
Around Adult Dogs
Around Puppies
Walking on leash
Walking off leash
Jumpin on people
Jumpin on furniture
Coping with travel (vehicle)
Being handled by strangers
Coping when left alone
Coping in a boarding environment
Reaction having body, legs, ears, paws and tail touched
Other Behaviours - please tick
Toilets in the home
Growled at person
Growled at animal
Bitten a person
Bitten an animal
Protective over food, toys etc
Socializes with other dogs
Shares toys with other dogs
Feeding information (Please note you will need to bring this on each visit labeled with your dog’s name and requirements)
Exercise and Training
Consents Requested
1. Do you grant permission for Fleurs Friendly Fields to intergrate your dog with other groups of dogs at daycare during walks or play time (ONLY if your dog is calm, friendly and used to socializing with other dogs)?
2. Do you grant permission for Fleurs Friendly Fields to exercise your dog off leash in our field?
3. Do you grant permission for Fleurs Friendly Fields to take video and photos of your dog and post to the official Facebook and other Social Platforms?
4. Do you grant permission for Fleurs Friendly Fields to feed your dog as instructed by you?
5. Do you grant permission for Fleurs Friendly Fields to give your dog treats?
6. Do you grant permission for Fleurs Friendly Fields to walk/exercise your dog?
7. Do you grant permission for Fleurs Friendly Fields to train your dog whilst in our care?
8. Do you grant permission for Fleurs Friendly Fields to provide toys?
9. Do you grant permission for Fleurs Friendly Fields to use a crate where required (only if the dog is already habituated to it)? Please note this is only in the event of an emergency or transport crates such as fire/vets we do not use crates otherwise
10. Do you grant permission for Fleurs Friendly Fields to administer any medicines prescribed by a veterinarian or instructed by you (the owner)?


1.    I hereby represent that I am the legal owner of the dog(s) described above to use the services provided by Fleurs Friendly Fields. 

2.    I understand that if my dog has a history of aggression or biting, Fleurs Friendly Fields reserve the right to refuse entry to my dog and I have disclosed to Fleurs Friendly Fields any known dangers associated with my dog. Any behaviour deemed dangerous or inappropriate by Fleurs Friendly Fields may result in the instant dismissal of my dog(s)

3.    I agree that I have read and understand the full terms and conditions of doggy day care on the website.

4.    I hereby represent that my dog(s) is of good health and has not been ill with any known contagious diseases within the past 30 days. 

5.    I recognize that the health of the dog(s) is the owner’s responsibility. I hereby represent that all required vaccinations are up to date or relevant Titer tests. I will also continue to ensure that the required vaccinations will be kept up to date for as long as my dog(s) attends Fleurs Friendly Fields.  In addition, I hereby represent that my dogs have flea/tick preventative treatments applied when due. 

6.    Fleurs Friendly Fields reserves the right to permanently remove a dog from care at any time to ensure the safety of other dogs as well as staff.  

7.    I further understand and agree that in admitting my dog(s), Fleurs Friendly Fields has relied on my representation that my dog(s) is in good health and has not harmed, shown aggression or threatening behavior towards any person, unfortunately, if staff are unable to walk in and get hold of a dog promptly in the even of an emergency, with a risk of a bite or aggression this voids our license requirements. 

8.    I hereby waive and release Fleurs Friendly Fields, it’s employees, directors, owners and agents from any and all liability which my dog(s) may suffer, including specifically, but not without limitation, any injury or damage whatsoever arising from the dog(s) attendance and participation of services provided by Fleurs Friendly Fields. 

9.    I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Fleurs Friendly Fields; it’s employees, directors, owners and agents from any and all claims by any member of my family or any other person accompanying me to a function of Fleurs Friendly Fields, or while attending the premises thereof, as a result of any action by any dog. 

10.    I further understand and agree that Fleurs Friendly Fields and their caregivers will not be held liable for any problems that might develop with my dog(s) including, but not limited to sickness, disease, injury, running away and death, provided that reasonable care and precautions are followed. 

11.    I understand and agree that any problem that develops with my dog(s) will be treated as deemed best by the care-givers of Fleurs Friendly Fields at their sole discretion and that I assume full financial responsibility for any and all expenses incurred. 

12.    I agree that my dog(s) may be videotaped, photographed and or recorded. Fleurs Friendly Fields shall be the exclusive owner to the results and all proceeds of such media, these wont be uploaded without consent but we do have cctv that records so this is required. 

13.    I understand that under no circumstances will Fleurs Friendly Fields be liable for consequential damages or damages beyond the replacement value of my dog.

14.    I understand that the rules above apply to any dog(s) of mine attending daycare.

Vaccination/Titer proofs can be brought in person but you may upload now if you wish
Vaccination proof
Flea/Worm records
Any supporting docs

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