Helping you help your pet

Our training methods aim to train the owner as well as the pet, it involves an intimate understanding of your animal’s natural and individual history. Your pet has plenty of potential to learn and understand commands, and our techniques will lay the foundation for you to build upon through to fine tuning specialist skills. We combine your needs and wants with the natural attributes of your pet. Click the below links for full details of each option.

Step by Step training videos and guides

Are you wanting to work with your dog and build on owner/pet bond but not sure where to start? We have a range of step by step guides to get you and your dog where you want to be! We don't do 'rehearsed' videos with trained dogs or after a long walk and training session to make us look good, we video the 'reality' and explain not only how to train your dog but what to do when the dog doesn't listen, our videos are real clients with real live training sessions. To give you real skills and expectations for your training sessions.

Intensive Daycare Training

Do you want a well trained dog but don't have consistent time spare each day between work and family life? Or a 'lockdown puppy' whose missed out on crucial exposure/socialisation due to lockdown restrictions? Maybe you have a pet working breed that needs that extra stimulation and want to utilise their instincts to focus in a pet/home environment?  Our intensive training programs do all the tedious foundation setting and coaching of the dog for you, without the need to sleep out in kennels at standard residential training sites. We tailor the training to suit both you and your dog, from obedience skills through to specialist scent work for the likes of working breeds to learn how to put their mind to work. Before the training begins your dog will be invited in for an assessment (>4 hours) so that a training plan can be created prior to training beginning. The training days run Monday-Friday between the hours of 7am-7pm. To see example timelines click the link above for full details.

Specialist Training

Wanting to take your dog to the next level? Full details coming soon!


Group training class update:

As you all know we do training here at fleurs and were due to begin some classes prior to Covid. We have since had some changes: we support all local businesses and pride ourselves on supporting our communities, we have therefore remained in touch with the brand new only other local day-care centre to support one and other (Mansfield doggy day-care). We don’t see each other as fighting competitors and more one large team with the aim to have a successful business and improve the welfare of dogs locally and often refer dogs to one and other.

They are soon to begin training classes and we want to fully support this – we, therefore, won't be doing our puppy socialisation classes here at fleurs but directing you over to these guys – their classes do differ to ours in that they are based around confidence-boosting and games as opposed to the typical sit/stays obedience, which we feel is paramount to puppies, and as licensed breeders ourselves we want to absolutely promote social skills in puppies from a young age to prevent many of the common behavior issues we work with.

Please note we are a totally separate business and won't be involved in their classes in any way, so please send any questions over to their team; we can simply signpost you to make your own decision if you feel their styles and classes can help your pooch. We will still continue to do our other training here.

For more information on their new classes check out their website or drop them an email