What happens when I arrive?

you are required to book in advance to use the field, once booked you will be required to come to reception and sign in and pay if not already done so, we request your dogs remain in your vehicle whilst you sign in so there are no cross overs with other users. Once signed in you will be given a radio, poo bags and let onto the field, the gate will be shut behind you and double checked for your piece of mind. If you encounter any problems or need any assistance you may radio staff, you are requested to monitor the time should a radio ever fail, however, we will radio you 5 minutes before your slot is up to allow you to obtain your dog and make your way back towards the entrance.

Will my paddock hire be for my sole use?

Yes, your booked timeslot is for your own private use, you may take a seat and let your dogs run free or have a stroll around and use the onsite toys.

Can I bring a friend and their dog with me?

Yes and you will not have to pay any extra unless there are more than 4 dogs, however, your friend must sign up as a member or they will not be allowed access, this is to ensure safety of all users should an emergency ever occur and we are required to have a log of who uses the facilities. You must also ensure your dogs get along prior to sharing a paddock

Can I bring my own toys?

Yes, you must ensure you take them with you as we cannot be liable for any damage or loss if you leave them behind by accident.

How many dogs can I bring?

You may bring up to XX dogs in any one session. If you own more than this amount please contact us to see if we can assist you, this is to maintain noise levels and respect surrounding residents. Please see our terms and conditions for full details

What happens if I arrive late?

If you arrive late this time, unfortunately, has to come off your booked slot to ensure no cross overs with any other booking, however, please inform us if you are running late and if there are no other bookings or we can accommodate we will do our best to help.

How will I know when my time is up?

You will be informed of your time slot when you book and reminded upon arrival, we request all users monitor the time during their slots to avoid any cross overs with other bookings, we ask that owners begin making their way back towards the entrance and retrieving their dogs around 5 minutes before the time is up. We will also provide a radio for you in case you need any assistance on your walk and will give you a polite reminder when the slot is coming to an end.

Can I use the agility equipment?

Yes, though please read the following:

The equipment is for canine use only. Before using the facility or the equipment within it, visit the vet to ensure that dogs are physically fit and strong enough to perform activities.

Do not use equipment in wet or icy conditions as surfaces become slippery.

Dogs must never be picked up and placed on obstacles. When using equipment above ground level dogs must wear a harness so that they can be supported during the exercise.

Never push dogs to do anything that they are not physically or mentally capable of. Allow dogs to go at their own pace and always give them the option of not doing something.

Always start with small versions of skills practiced in a slow and controlled way with several repetitions. Shaping techniques (rewarding for each successive step that is closer to the final goal) are recommended.

Ensure dogs warm up properly with several repetitions of smaller, slower, simpler behaviours prior to working on the more complicated skills.


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